Project Management

1.5 hours

This eLearning module about Project Management is designed to walk you through the project management processes and to teach you the skills and concepts of project management that can be applied to any project.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Project Management

All of us have engaged in some aspects of project management. In fact, you have probably been developing and managing projects in your everyday life for a long time now without realising it. Participating in various aspects of project management.

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Chapter 2: Initiating the Project

When beginning a project, the first thing that needs to be accomplished is to define the project’s goals. This is an opportunity to decide what will be done and what the expected deliverable will be. You’ll learn more about the deliverable as the product, service or result of a process.

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Chapter 3: Planning the Project

Without careful planning, a project manager and project team may find it difficult to achieve project success.

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Chapter 4: Executing, Monitoring and Controlling

Executing is the process of working through the project plan. This involves putting your project plan into action. The project plan serves as a guide to help ensure that the deliverables — the intended goals of the project — will be completed properly, on time, and within the budget.

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Chapter 5: Closing the Project

Finishing a project is an accomplishment. It’s the achievement of a lot of work. As a group, you and your team members collectively sparked an idea, planned it, executed the plan, monitored/controlled your progress, and have now reached the closing process.

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Instructional Document

If you prefer some assistance while going through the five different modules, feel free to download the ‘Instructional Document’. In here you can find a step-by-step instruction on all the modules and guidance on how to assist on a individual and class level.

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